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Malibu's home-grown activists have become leaders in changing the way residents use plastics and other harmful products that affect the environment and marine life. Mayor Jefferson Wagner, led the ban on plastic sandbags along with the City banning plastic straws, polystyrene and harmful chemicals such as Round-Up especially harmful to our local wildlife.


Today, there is still a strong community spirit inspired by Malibu’s founding member of modern Malibu, May Rindge. A committed group of residents have fought to preserve Malibu's rural character with successful ballot measures and environmental campaigns. Visit our Call To Action page to see what Malibu activists are working on now.

vision & mission statement

Thanks to a long line of devoted environmental predecessors, the Malibu Vision and Mission Statement has been the guiding light of those who want to protect Malibu's rural coastline protected and preserved.


Since ``queen of Malibu`` May Rindge’s reign, local residents have hindered the relentless pressure of developers by stopping commercial excesses. Today, still we have selfless activists have spent countless hours and private resources in an attempt to preserve our rural coastal lifestyle as did our predecessors.

Public Safety

Malibu’s history of becoming isolated by weather-induced landslides, earthquakes and/or other natural or man-made disasters requires residents to be prepared at all times. Members of our community have researched the best resources for emergency preparedness and diligently perform the monumental task of distributing timely emergency and traffic alerts from verified news, weather and law enforcement agencies.


Malibu was originally settled by the Chumash, Native Americans whose territory extended loosely from the San Joaquin Valley to San Luis Obispo to Malibu, as well as several islands off the southern coast of California. They named it ``Humaliwo`` or ``the surf sounds loudly``. The city's name derives from this, as the ``Hu`` syllable is not stressed.

Woolsey Fire Videos

Read the latest news affecting our community.

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Structures Lost in The Woolsey Fire


Acres burned

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Malibu Strong

The Future of Our Community is at Stake.

As a result of the Woolsey Fire, residents joined forces to form the Malibu 90265 platform as a community resource to recover, rebuild and empower locals.

Public Safety
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