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Malibu, California 90265 > Breaking News  > New Storm System Approaching Feb. 3-8th

New Storm System Approaching Feb. 3-8th

A new storm system is approaching our coastline possibly hitting the area by Super Bowl weekend. Local meteorologist Jason Farhang has been studying the  weather models; “Latest solutions continues end dry weather by Superbowl 53! Southern CA needs to pay close attention for February 2019. Trending SuperBowl Of Storms in development.” wrote Farhang on his FB page … “… aggressive February storm continues to trend. Late next weekend atmospheric conditions will come into sync with return of rains for our region. Timing: February 3 – 8, 2019.”

Woolsey Fire burn areas are extremely vulnerable to mudslides and debris flow at this time and homeowners should be prepared for mandatory evacuations in those areas should these storms deliver the deluge of water expected.

January storms created havoc with road closures due to mudslides and dangerous debris falling that sent multiple people to the hospital. One woman is in critical condition after being hit by a large boulder on a hike and another victim was take to the hospital after their car was totaled by a falling boulder on Malibu Canyon.

Multiple canyons were closed for days due to unstable hillsides.

These pacific storms are part of the El Nino weather pattern that could last until June.


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